How to purchase SmileyCoin


SmileyCoin can be purchased using the following steps:

  • Set up a user account with and generate a Litecoin address
  • Purchase Litecoin and have those sent to southXchange
  • Purchase SmileyCoin for Litecoin
  • At present (2023) SmileyCoin is sold on several markets at the but southXchange does not accept fiat currency. For this reason, one first purchases a more common currency such as Litecoin (or bitcoin) and transfers that to southXchange to purchase SmileyCoin.

    After all of this you will want to transfer the SMLY to you own wallet.

    1 User account with southXchange

    In the following it will be assumed that Litecoin will be used to buy SMLY. Bitcoin can also be used, but generally has a wider spread and likely costs more. If you choose to use BTC, DOGE or USDT, substitute that in the appropriate places below.

    Use the following steps to first set up the account and then obtain a Litecoin deposit address:

  • Got to and set up an account by providing an email address and a password
  • Log into the site
  • Choose deposit in the left-hand panel, search for LTC and continue until you come to a page with "COPY ADDRESS" followed by a LTC address
  • The LTC address is of the form of a long string, starting with an "M", e.g. MNgtDvGQ5jbinSDc...iui
  • Copy this address and paste it - you will use it later
  • 2 Purchase Litecoin

    If you already have access to a major exchange, use this to purchase LTC.

    If not, is a licensed broker for cryptocurrency and supports purchases by commercial entities. Go to their web page and send them an email.

    Once you have placed an order for LTC, ask for that to be sent to the LTC address obtained earlier.

    If you are purchasing crypto in Iceland and for yourself (personally), then it may be easier to buy BTC using Myntkaup's app.

    3 Purchase SmileyCoin

  • Log into southXchange to make the purchase (purchase SMLY for LTC or BTC at the LTC-SMLY or BTC-SMLY market)
  • 4 Set up and transfer to your own wallet

  • Go to and choose a wallet
  • For a first-time simple use, the web-wallet at will suffice
  • For more complicated or repeated use you should get a core wallet, i.e. the Windows, Mac or Linux wallet
  • Press "Receive" in the wallet to see a SmileyCoin address (long string, starts with B) - copy this address
  • Go back to the exchange and withdraw the SmileyCoin to this address
  • You should now have the SmileyCoin in your own electronic wallet.