Crowdfunding in 2015

In fall of 2015 a crowdfunding exercise was undertaken to send some tablet computers and laptops to Kenya. The purpose was to install "Education in a suitcase" in at least one location, with some additional goals set in case enough funds were raised. As it turned out all goals were met.

Education in a suitcase refers to a laptop server running the tutor-web software, storing the tutor-web content and serving tablet computers with drills or content.

  • Takawiri island was chosen as the first target school, as a particularly difficult location. Enough funds were raised to provide the entire graduating year-class with tablets.
  • The next goal was to fund a laptop server for Banjika Secondary School in Tanzania, where students already have tablets.
  • Third, one laptop server at Maseno University, Kenya.
  • Fourth, one laptop server plus tablets for Naivasha Maximum Security Prison in Kenya.

    Our official crowdfunding is now concluded.
    We set out to raise at least £4000 and ended up raising over £6000!
    Thank you, thank you and thank you!
    We can now do the following:
    1 Hand-deliver a complete system of tablets plus laptop server with software to serve students at Takawiri island, Kenya.
    2 Hand-deliver a laptop server to Banjika Secondary School in Tanzania.
    3 Set up one laptop server at Maseno University.
    4 Hand-deliver a complete system of tablets plus laptop server to secondary school students in Naivasha Maximum Security Prison in Kenya.
    In all cases our group will hand-deliver the hardware with installed software+educational material and we will do our utmost to ensure that the students and instructors can fully utilise the material.
    Our primary target at this stage is the group of students in Takawiri who are about to enter secondary school.
    Of course we still accept donations, which can be made to any of:
    Paypal: to
    Icelandic bank: Styrktarfélagið Broskallar, 0133-26-014210, kt 531015-0290
    Bitcoin: 1B8XeUcsACooPcPJnDf4cPPeTXcErLQh6H
    Dogecoin: DQqfSLHKyVUM3JNry2nPr8hnguWTpfP5pn
    Auroracoin: ATKsWSW9n9S3aJZkbDFcVqzWi7eM8sG68Z
    Smileycoin: BGs1L33mgDz8mUAE5h3bgmuo7s9r5Et8ne