Status report, March 5 2016

Thanks to generous donations and help from dozens of individuals and companies around the world we are about to see a dream come true.

We are currently in the process of setting up 4 educational systems to be placed in schools in Kenya and Tanzania. This note is a bit technical but that's just because we're working on those things right now.

This year we have cheaper and better suited servers than before and therefore we can get more student tablets than anticipated. The setup will cover 4 installations, with one server to spare. Each server is a standalone Nuc computer running the tutor-web software. The server runs a WiFi access point and has a 3G dongle with sim card and antenna for an Internet connection.

All servers and server accessories have been purchased. Server setup and testing is almost done. The setup of the tablets and tests with the servers is to be completed by May 26.

Last but not least we have the target dates of delivery: June 6-8 for the high school in Naivasha Maximum Security Prison, June 9-10 for Takawiri, June 10 for Maseno University and Tanzania to follow a bit later.

For the techies in the crowd: Takawiri has really poor mobile coverage so we're excited to try out the antenna. Of course the system will run without Internet but it'll be much better if we can access it remotely and retrieve data automatically. The astute reader will observe that the sim card will in principle give general Internet access to the students but we will not be able to sustain payment of such connections. We can however sustain occasional topups for data retrieval and maintenance of software, material, SMLY blockchain etc- that just comes out of our research accounts.